April 12, 2012

Check List for Moving In

There are a lot of details to handle when you move.  We are usually very good at coming up with a check list for moving that includes everything that needs to be done in preparation for moving day.  We often forget that there will still be many tasks ahead when the unloading begins.  So it is helpful to have a separate check list for moving in.

Check List for Moving In:

1.  Confirm move in date with landlord or real estate agent at least a month prior.  Make sure you know how to get the key, if you do not already have it, and that all paperwork has been taken care of.

2.  Schedule utility service dates, so that you will have heat or air conditioning, electricity and running water when you move in.  It is best to do this at least two weeks prior, since it often takes time to process your request if you are a new customer.

3.  Do a walk through of your new home before the movers and your shipment arrives for unloading.  Add any repairs or maintenance you notice to your check list for moving in, so you will remember to point them out to your landlord or the real estate agent.

4.  Protect floors, decorative windows and other features of your new home that you are afraid may be damaged during move in.  Make sure sidewalks, driveways and other pathways are clear so no one will be injured or belongings damaged during move in due to obstructions, ice or other issues.

5.  Hopefully, you had forwarding your mail on your basic check list for moving.  You should do this about a month prior to your moving date.  Once you move in, confirm that you are actually receiving mail at your new address.