May 16, 2012

Combining Storage with Your Cross Country Moving Company Move

It is very common to need to put some or all of your belongings in storage when you move, whether you are using a cross country moving company or doing it all yourself.  Your new home may not be ready, so you will be in temporary housing for a bit.  You may be taking an extended vacation on your way to your new hometown.  Or you may be taking a temporary job somewhere and only need part of your stuff.  Whatever the reason for your storage needs, temporary storage need not be a stressful part of your moving adventure.  It is easy to work in the logistics of storage with your cross country moving company or do it yourself move. 

It is possible to have the same cross country moving company move your stuff and take care of your temporary storage.  For example, a self service mover will deliver portable storage containers to you.  When you are finished loading, they will pick up and take the containers you need stored to a storage facility.  They will pick up, transport and deliver the containers you need moved immediately to your new home.  When you no longer need storage, those containers will be delivered to you.  If you choose to do your storage and moving with separate companies, you can do that too. 

It is always a good idea to keep the items you want stored separate from those that will be moved by you or your cross country moving company.  Plan to load your storage shipment about a week prior to your moving date.  That will assure that there will be no mix ups with things that should be moved versus things that should be stored when your cross country moving company or help arrives for moving day.  Additionally, keep an inventory list of those things that you put in storage and those you move.  Your cross country moving company will keep an inventory list on moving day, but you will want your own list so you remember what went where.  Label everything clearly with the contents, room in which it belongs and whether it will be stored or moved.