February 6, 2014

FAQs About Mobile Storage Containers

You may have heard about mobile storage containers on the news, on the Internet, or from friends who have used them as a solution to their moving and storage needs. But, understandably, you may still have questions. Here are some of the most common.

"What makes them mobile?"
The name confuses a lot of people. They expect the storage container to have wheels and a small compartment with a steering wheel and some means of driving the unit. But that's not a mobile storage container... that's a truck. Mobile storage containers are simply large, rectangular, metal boxes that are delivered to your home or business. You load your belongings into the unit, and the company sends someone to pick it up and deliver it, either to a storage facility or to a new location.

"What if I go over my allotted time with the unit?"
Unlike rental trucks, which are loaned out for very narrow windows of time, portable storage units are rented on a monthly basis. Your monthly charge means that you can keep the unit at your house or business for as long as you need to. In fact, some businesses keep a rental unit at their location year-round, as an extra, on-site warehouse. Think of it as the difference between paying every day to live in a hotel room, or paying once a month to live in an apartment -- a monthly arrangement is more affordable, more practical, and far less stressful.

"What if I need more than one unit?"
While there are different sizes of units to suit most situations, you can also rent as many units as you need. The modular convenience of mobile storage containers is built into the process itself -- they're easy to rent, easy to deliver, and easy to add if you find yourself in need of more space.

"How easy is it to add things to the unit once it's been taken from the house?"
Actually, there are two ways to add or remove things from your unit once it's been loaded and sent to the facility. You can either drive to the facility itself and load or unload your unit in a well-lit, climate-controlled, drive-up staging area -- or, with a nominal fee and a phone call, you can have the unit delivered back to your home, to add or remove items to your heart's content.

Do the research and read the reviews: mobile storage containers are fast becoming the number-one way to move and store. They're more affordable than full-service moving companies, more convenient than rental trucks, and more flexible than both when it comes to moving your belongings from point A to point B.