September 16, 2013

Finding Local Moving Companies

When you’re facing a move, there are many options to consider. There are several different types of moving processes. They vary by how much work you, the mover, are willing to take on yourself, versus how much money you want to spend on professional moving companies. Then there are some situations where you have little flexibility.

For example, if you are in the military, you can have the service pay one of the furniture moving companies to move everything for you. You might opt for a military DITY move too, where you do it all yourself and pocket the fee that a mover would have been paid. If you only have a small amount of goods, say a small apartment full, and you are not leaving the immediate area, then a DITY move might be the right choice. However, if you are going to move a household filled with furniture, outdoor equipment and a couple of cars, you will definitely need a household moving company.

If you are moving out of state, only licensed and registered cross country moving companies (aka interstate moving companies) can do it. Finally, if you expect a delay between moving out and going in to your new place, you may need a combination of storage and moving services from a self service mover, aka discount movers.

In the case of a move where you are staying in the same city, have a relatively small home and not too much property, you may try a DITY move or you may consider hiring one of the local moving companies.

How do you choose from among the local moving companies? This can be tricky. First, ask family, friends and neighbors who have recently moved. With their recent experience, they can likely provide solid recommendations. You can check for local moving companies through the BBB and other on-line community sources. There are the usual sources too, such as an Internet search for moving companies on the web, but be sure to enter the city or town and state you are in, to get the companies that are local to you.