October 17, 2012

Finding the Best Household Moving Company

If you’re faced with a big move you want to find the very best household moving company.  Putting all of your accumulated, and expensive, property in the hands of strangers, and trusting them to keep it safe, is a huge decision.  So what do you need to know to make an educated choice on a household moving company?

Do some homework:  Don’t just pick a company at random.  Ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations.  Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area.  Check the different company’s reputations on line.  Remember that the complaints don’t matter (every company gets them) but how  the complaints are handled.  Don’t be persuaded by advertising and “customer quotes.”  Those are claims made for pay.

Prepare for Estimates:  Plan to get at least three estimates.  Before that however, you must prepare your house.  Get rid of anything you are not going to move.  Have a garage sale and donate the rest to charity.  Have your home pared down to just the stuff you must pay to have moved.  Consider getting rid of lawn mowers, gas grills and items that can be easily replaced; especially if they are old or in need of repair.

Be Smart and Talkative:  Discuss every little detail with the household moving company when they come to estimate.  Make sure that each estimate is apples to apples.  Have the household moving company describe in detail the various insurance options they offer.  Insurance is vital.  Traffic accidents occur and the household moving company will be liable only to a specific degree.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the coverage you buy.

Make a Deal: Every household moving company will negotiate to some degree.  They may have a coupon available, they may offer a discount if you move during a slow period, they might offer a lower price on packing supplies if you ask.  Don’t go with the estimate; see if you can get that number discounted.