September 4, 2012

Getting the Most From Moving Coupons

If you’re like most people, when faced with having to move you want to save as much money as possible.  One good way is by using moving coupons.  But to make moving coupons work well you have to pay attention and try to be a good negotiator.

There are many, many moving coupons available.  Obviously, if you are in a big city there will be more competition and the chances of getting a really good discount goes up.  But even in smaller communities you can find deals and even occasionally make them better.
Start looking on the internet for your moving coupons.  You’ll find plenty of general offers.  What will make the job easier is to use details about your location in your keyword search.  A great deal in Albuquerque isn’t much good if you’re in Buffalo.  So put your town or county’s name into your internet search.

When you start to find moving coupons for your area you’ll have to read them carefully.  At this point it’s a good idea to have a pad and pen to write down company names and what the coupon offer is.  You’ll soon find that moving coupons often have a lot of conditions.  Many are like hotels or airlines with restrictions on days of the week and times of the month.  The moving companies are busiest on weekends and at the end of the month.  Usually the moving coupons won’t apply then.  See if you can arrange your move to fit in the discount period.
Keep your list of moving coupons discounts.  When it comes time for getting estimates you may be able to negotiate the discounts offered between movers.  For example, if you like one company but they are a little more costly then another who has a good coupon show the company you like the competitor's offer.  They will probably match it!