September 28, 2011

Hiring Discount Movers to Help with Your Do It Yourself Move

There are a lot of ways to move.  You can hire a full service moving company to pack and move you, rent a truck and do everything yourself, load what you can fit in your car and sell the rest or move with portable storage containers and leave the driving to someone else.  Do it yourself moving options are always popular because they can save people a lot of money.  And in the current economy, more and more people are looking for ways to save.  The biggest hurdle for most people who would like to do a move themselves but decide not to is the amount of labor involved.  But you can still save a bundle and get help with labor by enlisting a little help from discount movers.

Look on the web site or advertisements for some of the discount movers in your area and you will see they offer a range of services, including helping you load and unload.  That means that you can still save money by renting portable storage containers or a moving truck instead of hiring a full service mover.  You save additional money by doing all the packing yourself.  Then you load what you can handle and hire a team from one of the discount movers in your area to help you load.  Discount movers will usually charge by the hour, so you want to be organized and ready when they arrive so that you do not have them do more work than you budgeted for.  The more organized you are, the less time it will take them and the less it will cost you.  Make sure there is a clear and easy path for loading before they arrive.  If you are doing a local move, you can hire the same discount movers to help you unload at the new house.  If you are doing a long distance move, you will want to hire a moving crew from one of the discount movers in your new town to help with unloading. 

Do not rule out some of the fantastic do it yourself moving options that are available just because you cannot lift a heavy couch all by yourself.  Do a lot of the work yourself and let discount movers help you with the big stuff.  Stick to your budget and still respect your back.