November 4, 2011

How Portable Storage Can Help You Sell Your House

In today's real estate market, selling your house is no easy task.  And one of the things that can set your house apart from others is its presentation.  Many people stage their homes, which is basically moving all your stuff out and stuff that looks better in.  But you don't have to go through all that trouble to make your house appealing to potential buyers.  You simply need to get organized, declutter and think about your home from the perspective of a buyer seeing your home for the first time.  And portable storage can make that whole process much easier than it sounds.

Portable storage containers are delivered to you, which is a welcomed convenience at a time when you have enough on your plate.  As you clean, repair and declutter your home in preparation to put it on the market, you can load things you want to put in storage into your portable storage containers.  If you have a lot of things you no longer need or want when you eventually move, you could even load those things into one of your portable storage containers and hold a yard sale from there or have a donation truck pick up from there.  Once you have decluttered, organized and have moved everything you would rather not have in your home while it is being shown, your containers can be picked up and taken to a storage facility.  Some people prefer to keep their portable storage containers on their property while they are selling, so they can access the things inside.  How you do it is up to you, but we're here to make the process a little simpler for you.  When you are ready, we will pick up your containers and deliver them to your new home.  We'll take them away when you have emptied them.