January 13, 2014

Is It Time to Move Offices

Moving is stressful, whether you're an individual, a family, or a company. While the reasons for a new office can be exhilarating (growth, success, new hires, etc.), the logistics can be daunting. It pays to gather all the office moving tips you can to ensure a smooth, successful, efficient move, and the very pinnacle of office moving tips is to use portable storage containers.

  • Easy to Locate, Easy to Load
    The typical moving container takes up little more than a parking space, so you can have it delivered to the lot without blocking off entire sections of parking. Security is second to none, so you can leave the unit in the lot over the course of several nights, or even weeks, without worrying. And, unlike bulky rental trucks, the units are low to the ground, often with no more than a six-inch step to get inside, so carrying boxes and furniture in and out is a breeze.

  • Access for the Whole Office
    By using a single lock with multiple keys, more than one person can have access to the unit, increasing the number of people who can help you load in and out. If your staff is willing, you can share the work among everyone, reducing the need for professional movers and the strict timetables that come with them.

  • The Perfect Opportunity for Storage
    Probably the greatest advantage of portable moving containers is that you can use the exact same container for storage. Containers are rented on a monthly basis and can be stored either at your location or at a nearby storage facility. When you need to add or remove inventory, you can drive to the facility, or, for a nominal fee, you can have the unit delivered to your door once more, saving you a trip. It's the perfect way to expand your warehouse capacity, relocate inventory, or even store furniture while you renovate the new office.
Have you learned any useful or quirky office moving tips over the years? If so, feel free to share them in the comments below. And here's to your success!