October 21, 2013

Keep Moving Costs and Stress Levels Low

Did you know that one survey found that 15% of respondents revealed that they would rather get a root canal than move? Not only that, but almost half, or 44%, said they would prefer to brave a week without an internet connection than tackle a long distance move. Moving is notoriously stressful. Keep stress levels and expenses low by packing smart, and by knowing all of your options when it comes to a big move.

How Do You Pack Smart?

Keeping costs and stress levels low can be challenging, especially when it comes to packing. Start by packing weeks, or even months, ahead. That will give you enough time to weed out items you no longer need. Host a yard sale to get rid of extra items, and use the proceeds toward your moving costs. Need more tips on packing to move? Keep dishware and breakables intact, and reduce replacement costs, by packing dishes vertically, instead of one on top of the other. Always pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes with light items on top, and use proper cushioning, such as bubble wrap, to keep items from breaking during a move. Avoid using newspaper whenever possible (it will stain), and, when your bubble wrap supply runs low, save costs by using dish clothes and out-of-season clothes to pack items instead.

What Options Are Out There?

Many Americans do not realize that they actually have a considerable amount of options when it is time to move. Call or go online for moving company quotes, or if you are in the military, use DITY move calculators to get a realistic estimate of moving costs. Always ask family and friends about any personal experiences, and make certain that moving companies are sanctioned by the Better Business Bureau.

In order to save the most money, movers may want to consider non-traditional moves. Self service moves, or "You Pack" moves, are rapidly increasing in popularity. How do these moves work? Moving companies drop off mobile storage units, and homeowners pack them at their leisure. When you finish packing mobile storage units, call the same moving company, and they will move the container for you. This type of move drastically cuts costs, but it also gives movers the opportunity to take their time, and to pack items with especial care.

Keep moving costs and moving stress at an all-time low. Host a garage sale to help fund moves, pack carefully to avoid replacement costs, and consider all of your options, including mobile storage units and self service, for your next move.