October 25, 2010

Kids Check List for Moving

Moving is a huge transition for your whole family, and kids often feel quite anxious about leaving their current routines and friends and starting over somewhere new.  While you may be busy packing and taking care of the many details on your check list for moving, your children can feel a bit lost and worried.  Help them draft their own check list for moving and let them feel empowered by the changes to come. 

Kids Check List for Moving:

1.  Gather contact information for all your friends, so you can keep in touch.
2.  Sort through your toys, books and clothing to see what you might not need anymore.  Pass them along to a younger friend or an organization that really needs them.
3.  Ask your parents what you can do to help pack.  Add those tasks to your check list for moving.
4.  Make your own labels or draw on the boxes that belong to your room, so the movers and you can quickly see what belongs in your room when they move you in.
5.  Do research on your new city and neighborhood to see what it looks like.  You can do this online or check out books at the library.
6.  Make a list of fun things to do in your new city. 
7.  Find out the name of your new school and look at pictures online.
8.  Draw a picture of how you plan to arrange everything in your room and come up with a decorating plan.
9.  Decide what things you plan to take with you for the road trip to your new home.
10.  Ask your parents to help you put together snacks and activities for moving day and the road trip. 

The items on the check list for moving that you help your kids come up with will be different, depending upon the age of your kids.  But hopefully this will give you some ideas and a solid place to start.  If they are old enough, you can have them help out with some of the items on your own check list for moving, as well.