April 16, 2010

Let Portable Storage Solutions Help with Your Spring Chores

The arrival of spring always encourages people to take on their house project to do lists, tackle organizing and do some thorough cleaning.  Portable storage solutions can be extremely helpful for your various spring chores.  Portable storage containers are a welcome convenience when you are about to create some disorder in your home.  They are delivered to your driveway or curb.  You can either keep your storage containers on site until your project is finished, or have them picked up and taken to a temporary storage facility.  You are only responsible for loading and unloading your containers.  You do not have to rent a truck and load and unload things from a storage facility.  Your items stay in your portable storage containers, regardless of whether you store them on your property or at the storage facility. 

Remodeling projects and other home repairs are often started when the spring weather sets in.  Those projects frequently require that you move furniture and other belongings temporarily elsewhere.  If you do not have room in your garage or basement and do not want to crowd your living space with stacks of boxes and extra furniture, a portable storage unit can be just the thing you need.  Move everything into your portable storage unit until your house projects are finished.  Keep the unit on your property or have it taken to a storage facility until you are ready.  Your storage unit will be delivered back to you on a date you schedule.  When it is empty, it will be picked up.  Another common spring chore is simply getting organized and doing some cleaning.  If you plan to sort through everything and have a yard sale or donate the items you no longer need, a portable storage unit can be quite handy.  You can get those items out of your house and even hold a yard sale in front of your portable storage unit, so you do not have to subject everything to the weather or move it from place to place.  If you plan to donate everything, you can simply open up your storage unit when the truck arrives to pick up your donation.  Again, your portable storage unit will be picked up when it is empty and you no longer need it.  Portable storage units are the perfect companion for your spring to do list.  The convenience is hard to resist.  Now, if only the rest of your spring chores were that easy.