October 20, 2011

Making a Claim with Your Cross Country Moving Company

Moving is a tough business.  For the moving crew, it involves lots of sweat, tears, heavy lifting and hours of driving.  And it often demands almost as much from the people who are moving.  Being ready through careful planning ahead and good communication with your cross country moving company team usually leads to a smooth and uneventful move.  But even with the most well thought out moving plan and most reputable and reliable cross country moving company, things can sometimes happen. 

What To Do If Something is Lost or Damaged:

1.  If you took digital photos or video of all your belongings before you packed them, pull out the images of the lost or damaged item. 

2.  Call your cross country moving company and ask for the appropriate forms for making a claim.  Your moving crew had a long trip and days of heavy work, so it can often be more reliable for you to ask for the paperwork than for them to remember to report the issue.

3.  Do not sit on making the claim.  There are time limits for making a claim with your cross country moving company.  The sooner you make your claim; the better.  You also lessen the likelihood that you will lose the paperwork in the chaos of unpacking.

4.  If your item was damaged, do not throw it out or take it in to be repaired.  Save the materials it was wrapped in, as well. If an inspector comes out to assess damage, he or she will need to see the item and the damage.

5.  No matter how mad you are about what happened, follow the appropriate procedures.  The more cooperative you are, the easier the process.  Remember that the last thing a cross country moving company wants is for its customers to be dissatisfied and unhappy.  They want to resolve this as quickly as you do.