September 17, 2012

Making a Great Check List for Moving

When the decision to move has been made the first thing a person wants to do is prepare a check list for moving.  Moving is a very complicated task and is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events.  To reduce your stress you want to feel confident that your planning is in order and comprehensive.

How do you create a great check list for moving?  Begin with an internet search.  Especially good sites are those of the big interstate moving companies.  They have been collecting ideas and solving problems for people moving for decades so their check list for moving is going to be thorough.  Don’t stop there however.  Keep looking.  Examine several lists and see what format is most agreeable to you.  Download the three or four lists you favor.
From here you might want to print them or at least line them up next to one another on your computer.  How are they organized?  The best check list for moving is one that is structured by date beginning with whenever you start planning and going up to moving day.  Of course time frames vary widely but this doesn’t mean you should eliminate details.  Everything on a good check list for moving will have to be completed, you just might have to compress the list into a shorter time frame.

Be sure your check list for moving includes items that aren’t usually thought of as “moving.”  There is a lot of paperwork involved. Aspects such as school, medical and dental records all need to be taken care of.  There's banking of course and you’ll want to settle all local charge accounts.  There are plenty of notifications too.  The utility companies, newspaper, cable and internet providers all have to know when to cut off service.

Be diligent when you first learn you are moving.  Take your time and locate good, comprehensive check lists for moving.  Assemble your own unique version based on your schedule.  That’s the way to a great check list for moving!