February 14, 2013

Making an Efficient Low Cost DITY Move

Moving is a lot of work.  It’s also expensive.  It takes weeks and weeks to complete and the costs can climb if you’re not careful.  It’s not just hiring a moving company, it’s also the boxes, the tape, the plastic containers, etc.  Keeping moving costs low is usually a very important factor for most people (except maybe for those doing a military move!)  There are several simple ways to keep the costs down, from using discount movers and moving coupons, to making the project a total DITY move.

You first have to identify what kind of a move you have to make to determine if a DITY move is practical.  If you are moving to another state you’ll have to hire one of the interstate moving companies. Only registered cross country moving companies are permitted to take all your goods across state lines.  If you are making a local or instate move you can hire one of the many ordinary household moving companies.  Here, your shopping and negotiating skills will help a great deal in controlling costs.  The cheapest way to move however is by using a self service mover. That’s the DITY move.  This method is a combination of storage and moving…with you doing most of the labor.
To do a DITY move you contract with a discount mover. They will drop one or more portable storage containers off at your home or parking lot. You take as much time as necessary to pack up your property and load it into the containers.  When you signed for the portable storage units you decided on a date to make the actual move.  On that day the self service movers will come and pick up the containers.  They will take it safely to your new home and drop it off.  When you’re finished unpacking it they’ll return and take it away.  Pretty simple!