April 21, 2010

Moving Checklist When You Use Professional Movers

Many people assume that just because you plan to hire a professional moving company to handle your move, you do not need to have a moving checklist.  Moving is an extremely stressful and chaotic transition for you and your family.  Having a moving checklist to follow will keep you organized and help reduce some of the anxiety and chaos that go along with moving.  When you hire a professional moving company, they almost always give you a moving checklist along with all your paperwork.  You can use that as a guide, or you can come up with your own moving checklist before you even hire movers.

Moving checklist for 8 weeks before move: 
1.)  Meet in person with at least 3 professional moving companies; get all estimates in writing and make sure all companies are licensed.
2.)  Contact your doctors, dentists, schools, etc to obtain copies of records and have them transferred to the new location.

Moving checklist for 6 weeks before move:
1.)  Sign a contract with a professional moving company, so your moving date is secure and confirm that they have received the deposit.
2.)  Collect boxes and packing materials either from your moving company or elsewhere.
3.)  If you plan to do some of the packing yourself, start packing non essential items.
4.)  Go through everything and see what you do and do not want to move.  Hold a yard sale or donate the things you no longer want.
5.)  Take photos or video of all your belongings, in case you need to make an insurance claim.

Moving checklist of 4 weeks before move: 
1.)  Submit change of address forms with the post office.
2.)  Contact all banks, investment firms, credit card companies, magazine subscription services, etc to alert them of a change of address.
3.)  Arrange cleaning service for after you move.
4.)  Arrange babysitting and pet sitting for moving day, if necessary.
5.)  Take your car in for any necessary maintenance or service.
6.)  Contact the city to schedule a pick up of hazardous or flammable items you are not allowed to move.

Moving checklist for 2 weeks before move:
1.)  Set aside suitcases with items you and your family will need to get you through the last week before you move and the transition to your new home.
2.)  Give away perishable food and any non perishable food that you do not want to move.
3.)  Contact the moving company you hired and make sure you are still scheduled for your moving date.
4.)  Contact utility companies to schedule to turn services off at current home and on at new home. 

Moving checklist for 1 week before move:
1.)  Prepare for the final payment to the moving team.  Make sure you have cash for tipping everyone.
2.)  Put together activities and snacks to keep your family entertained on moving day.
3.)  Gas up your car.

Moving checklist for moving day:
1.)  Do inventory of everything the moving team is packing and loading onto the truck.
2.)  Do a walk through of the house before movers leave to make sure nothing was left behind.
3.)  Make sure you have contact information for the moving team and that they have the correct delivery address.
4.)  Turn off lights, close windows, lock doors and turn in keys (if necessary).