February 19, 2014

Moving Containers Ditch That Old Rental Truck

Moving container services offer more than just a convenient solution to a common problem: they also offer flexibility, dependability, and peace of mind. And what's the number-one way they do this? By freeing us from our dependence on cumbersome rental trucks.

Rental truck reservations are notoriously dodgy with their reservations. And sometimes it's not even their fault. If you need a 22-foot truck, and the only one is rented to someone who's late returning it, there's not much either you or the rental company can do. Moving container companies, however, keep hundreds of moving containers on-hand, so you never have to wait for a unit. And they're delivered to your door, so you can avoid altogether the automotive game of musical chairs that happens when you pick up a rental truck.

And can a rental truck also double as a storage unit? It most certainly cannot. Moving containers are also used as mobile storage containers, which not only saves you a trip to the storage facility after you finish moving, but can also provide you with extra on-site space to store furniture during a renovation, or a covered space for a garage sale when the dust settles. Or a convenient mini-warehouse for inventory from your at-home business. The options are limitless.

But perhaps the greatest virtue of moving containers is this: you never, ever have to drive a rental truck again. Professional drivers deliver your container, and professional drivers pick it up. All you do is load it up and lock the door. No backing up a driveway with a huge, unfamiliar vehicle. No weaving through interstate traffic, wondering about bridge clearances and blind spots. You get to leave the driving to the people who do it for a living, while you and your family follow along in your safe, familiar, family car. That's reason enough right there, even without the convenience and reliability.