October 11, 2010

Moving Coupons a Great Place to Start

Anyone who has had to move and pay for it himself knows that it can be a costly process.  Cutting costs when you are moving seems like a losing battle.  And knowing where to start when you are looking for self service movers, rental companies or full service movers can seem even more daunting.  A handy old school tool, however, can be very helpful in both saving you money and helping you find a moving company.  Yes, moving coupons. 

Moving coupons are a great way to save costs on moving expenses.  Hop online and do a search for moving coupons or visit the various moving companies you are considering hiring.  Many companies have moving coupons and deals listed on their main pages.  You can also find coupons listed in real estate magazines and the real estate sections in your local newspapers.  Once you have a coupon in hand, it also opens the door with the company to ask about any other deals they might have.  And, in some cases, moving coupons are a good bargaining tool with competitors.  Let them know you have a fantastic deal with another company and they will let you know what deals they can offer you too.     

Moving coupons are not only a tool for finding a great deal.  They also give you a place to start when you are researching moving companies.  For many people, finding a good self service mover, rental company or full service mover is the hardest part of moving.  Moving coupons encourage you to start the process of researching companies and getting estimates.  Ideally, you will secure contracts with the companies you plan to use for moving at least 2 months prior to your actual moving date.