April 22, 2013

Moving Coupons Can Save You Money

If relocating is in your future you probably have some ideas already about how you might do it.  One idea that many people don’t think of immediately are moving coupons.  Moving coupons are readily available.  Moving is a service, and a competitive business, so it makes sense that companies would try to attract you by offering discount moving coupons.

But first you have to determine the kind of move you’ll be making. For example, if you’re moving across country you’ll need one of the cross country moving companies, also called interstate moving companies.  Only a cross country moving company is licensed to travel across states that have differing trucking regulations.  If you move is in state, or even in city, you’ll want to hire a regular household moving company.  If there is a delay in your move you might need storage and moving.  If your move is a small one you’ll probably want to work with a self service mover, or “discount mover.”

Moving coupons are available in many places.  The real estate section of the newspaper or your local weekly, from realtors, and of course on line.  Try typing in “moving coupons” followed by your city or town (and state!) A whole bunch of moving coupons should come up.  This is an excellent way to begin your plan for moving.  The coupons will provide you with the names of local and national moving companies. If you find a very good offer, but it’s from a different company than the one you want to use, you should be able to show them the competitor’s coupon and ask for the same discount.

Also, search for discounts on boxes, packaging materials, hand trucks and any other essentials.  Moving is expensive and you owe it to yourself to reduce that cost any way you can.  Moving coupons work!