October 18, 2011

Moving List for College

Heading off to college for the first time is a very exciting time.  But moving away from home and being on your own for the first time takes a little planning, beyond just packing your clothing.  Here is a basic moving list for students to help jump start the process.  

Moving List for College:
1.  Confirm dorm or housing assignment with your university.  If you are renting an apartment or group house, make sure you have a copy of the lease and confirm move in date.  Add any deposit deadlines to your moving list.
2.  Get a list of items (microwave, laptop, etc) provided by the university or landlord, so you know what to bring.  It is also helpful to know what items are prohibited. 
3.  Email or call your assigned roommate and coordinate on electronics and other bulky items that you could share.
4.  Make any required tuition payments and housing payments, so you will be able to move in and start classes.  Add upcoming deadlines to your moving list.
5.  Visit your physician for a check up and obtain any needed immunizations (the university should have provided a list of requirements with your information materials; if not, check the web site).
6.  Make sure your drivers license and passport are not expiring soon.  If they are, add that to your moving list.
7.  Have a copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers.
8.  Establish a bank near campus.  Apply for a credit card for emergency purposes.
9.  Schedule maintenance and repairs for your car (if you plan to take it), make sure the registration is current and have proof of insurance for your wallet and car.
10.  Have mail forwarded and contact banks, insurance providers and other important institutions of your change of address.