September 23, 2010

Moving List for Moving Day

A moving list is a common way to stay organized and on track before, during and after a move.  No matter how simple or obvious the task, put it on your moving list.  As your moving day gets closer, you will be happy to have the guidelines and focus that a moving list can provide.  And do not forget to add tasks for your actual moving day to assure that every last task is accomplished.

Moving List for Moving Day:
1.  Make sure your suitcases that will get you through the next couple days are packed and put somewhere safe so they do not accidentally get moved.
2.  Put your personal files in your car or somewhere safe, so they are not lost in the moving shuffle.
3.  Have cash to tip movers.
4.  Write out check or have payment ready for movers and rental companies.
5.  Print out directions and the new address for yourself and movers.
6.  Notify a close friend or relative so they know your moving and road trip plans.
7.  Prepare snacks and activities for your family for the long moving day and the road trip.
8.  Have markers and a notepad and pen, so you can label and take inventory of boxes beings loaded.  
9.  Clearly label all furniture, appliances and other items that are not to be moved.
10.  Turn off all appliances and make sure they are clean.
11.  Do a walk through before you or the truck leave to make sure nothing was forgotten.
12.  Do last minute clean up.
13.  Make sure faucets and lights are off and all windows and doors shut and locked.
14.  Notify realtor or landlord that you have moved out. (Keep copy of inspection report, if you did a walk through).
15.  Drop off or leave keys.
16.  Double check that everything on your moving list has been accomplished.