January 25, 2012

Moving List for Pets

Moving can be a stressful and tiring process for the whole family.  When  your family includes pets, it is easy to forget about their needs when you are knee deep in the thousand things on your moving list that you have to accomplish before moving day.  But pets can sense when something is up and change is in the air, especially when the home they know and love starts getting packed up in boxes and everyone is running in different directions.  Add some things to your moving list to make sure your pets are taken care of and ready for your move. 

Moving List for Pets:
1.  Take pets to veterinarian for check up, to update immunizations and obtain copy of records.
2.  Find out what is needed to register pets in new city, state or country.
3.  Obtain travel carriers.  Introduce pets to them at least 2 weeks in advance of travel.  Leave the carriers open, put a blanket or something that smells familiar in them and let your pets come in and out at their leisure to get used to them.
4.  Make reservations with airline or train as soon as possible.  Reservations for flights are contingent upon weather, temperatures and size of aircraft.  Add reservation details, what you will need to provide for pets for travel and confirmation to moving list.
5.  If you will be moving to another country, find out what regulations and requirements there are for pets. 
6.  Make boarding arrangements, if necessary.  Add contact information and confirmation to moving list.
7.  Refill prescriptions so you will have enough to get pets through while you get settled in and find a new veterinarian.
8.  Make time to give some attention to pets during the moving process, so they are put at ease.