February 4, 2014

Office Moving Tips and Advice

The goal of any business is to succeed and grow. But with that growth comes the inevitable move to a larger office space, and all the hassles that entails. If you're part of an office that's transitioning to a new building, here are some important office moving tips to keep in mind.

Scope Out Your New Space. If you're moving an entire room's worth of furniture, documents, and personal items, you need to know if it will all fit in the new space. Ask your boss for dimensions, or better yet, to see the space in person (bring a tape measure). If you work in a cubicle, be sure to ask your employer if the cubicles at the new office will be the same size.

Find Your Place. It's unlikely that you and your coworkers will be in the exact same configuration as you were in your old office. It's even less likely that you'll be in the same place in the room. Find out how space assignments are being made, and learn as early as you can where you'll be in the new office. You may not be near a window anymore (good-bye desk plants) or you might be in an insufficiently lit part of the room (hello desk lamp).

Keep Track of Active Projects. Lifting with your legs and sealing your boxes are easy moving tips to remember. But being able to pick up exactly where you left off in your workflow is massively important. Group your boxes by projects, and label each box with a number, to let you know which ones to unpack first, second, third, etc.

Moving a house has its share of challenges, and so, too, does moving an office. While much of the same basic moving advice will apply, the differences are worth noting and certainly worth preparing for. Planning is key, downtime is the enemy, and adjustment periods need to be kept to an absolute minimum. Until next time, enjoy your new space!

Do you have any office moving tips and advice you've learned over the years? Feel free to share them in the comments below.