January 10, 2012

Pack Rat Storage for Students

If you are a parent of a college student, you know about temporary storage.  Your kids move from place to place and seem to accumulate more and more things as they go along.  And at some point, those extra things end up back at your house for a little or a long while.  Finding a good home for all that extra stuff without cluttering your house, garage or basement is easy with Pack Rat Storage.  You get convenience and flexibility delivered to your door. 

Pack Rat storage containers come in various sizes to meet the needs of your kids' stuff.  That means that if they need to store the entire contents of their apartments while they do a semester abroad, Pack Rat storage makes it stress free for you.  You do not have to worry about finding the space or where your kids will move next.  Your Pack Rat storage container is delivered to your driveway, curb or parking lot.  You load everything in and only you have the key to lock and unlock it.  Pack Rat will pick the container up and take it to a storage facility.  That container can later be shipped to wherever it needs to be.  If your son or daughter is moving across the country to start graduate school, it can be delivered there.  You don't have to unload everything, only to have to load it back up again to move.  With Pack Rat storage containers, you and your kids have the flexibility to deal with the inevitable uncertainty that comes with being a college student.  And you get convenience you don't often see when you are helping your kids on their journey. 

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