February 17, 2014

Portable Storage Units Solving All Your Storage Needs

Moving can be an exciting venture, but it can also be fraught with stress and uncertainty. Will the moving company stick to their timetable? Will all of your belongings arrive undamaged? Will all your belongings fit in the new house? While there's no cure-all for every bit of stress involved with moving, portable storage containers can help you alleviate many common concerns and worries, and give you the peace of mind to deal with the rest of your move.

If you know you'll have things that will need to stay in storage, but you don't know how long that period of time will be, mobile storage containers are the perfect solution. They are stored at a storage facility that you can access nearly any time, much like a self-storage facility, but with a helpful twist: if you need to add things to storage, the units can be delivered right to your home, saving you a trip and making it easier to store larger items.

When you're in the process of moving storage can be a life-saver. Many relocation professionals recommend holding a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items (because why pack it, haul it, and unload it, if you don't actually want it?), but what about the items that don't sell? Moving storage containers allow you to easily store unwanted items for a future garage sale, without cluttering up your new house as you're struggling to get everything through the door.

And what if there's work to be done on the new house? Moving storage containers make ideal on-site storage units during renovations and large-scale repair work. Simply have the unit delivered by the company and move the room's furniture into it while you paint, patch, build, or expand. Otherwise you're stuck trying to shuffle furniture into one room or another, making your living conditions during the renovation less-than-ideal.

Moving storage units are rented by the month, so there's no stringent time restrictions or deadlines to keep, as with rental trucks and moving companies. During that time, the unit can be at the storage facility, at your home, or a combination of both throughout the month. Give one a try during your next move or your next big home project, and see what all the buzz is about.