June 13, 2012

PREPARE your Moving Ckecklist

Most people know well in advance that they will be relocating.  But whether you’re leaving a dorm room or moving a large family across the country a sound moving checklist is the best thing you can do.  Many, comprehensive moving checklists are available online or from reputable movers.   The best moving checklist will lay out your work in detail for the two months before your moving date. But to get started think of the word: PREPARE

Plan:  There is nothing better that you can do to make a move calm and orderly then to begin planning it as soon as possible.  Do some homework.  Find a comprehensive, weekly moving checklist and begin to lay it out.  Research moving companies and storage options.

Review:  Start examining your household contents.  Identify what you must keep, want to keep or could get rid of.  Remember, with a moving company the cost is significantly by weight.  Don’t forget the attic and cellar!

Estimate:  Once you have an idea of what will be moved you can begin getting estimates for the work.  Consider both full service and discount movers.  DIY is a good option if your possessions are relatively few.  Consider portable storage containers and a gradual packing process.

Papers:  There can be a great number of personal papers that have to be sorted out. Insurance, post office, subscriptions, utilities all of these must be a part of your moving checklist and scheduled to be dealt with.

Acquire:  Begin acquiring your packing materials as early as possible.  A moving company will charge dearly for these and you can get many of them for free.  Look on local "For Sale" websites, consider posting a “Wanted” ad there and on local bulletin boards for boxes from folks who have just moved themselves.

Retire:  Start your garage sales now.  If you have many items you don’t want to move begin to sell them.  Not everything will go the first time.  Plan several sales.  Donate whatever is left to the Goodwill.

Energy: Conserve it!  Moving is a complicated and challenging task and you’ll need all your energy for those days of the actual move.  A good, detailed moving checklist will prove to be invaluable!