November 9, 2011

Self Service Movers for Your Local Move

Moving is never easy.  But, in many ways, a local move is much less complicated than a long distance one.  Mainly because you don't have the stress of having to make sure every last detail is taken care of before you move far away.  You still have to pack, move and prepare your old and new homes.  But doing some or all of a local move yourself is common.  And using self service movers can make it simple. 

Self service movers deliver as many portable storage containers to you as you need for your move.  You load everything at your own pace.  And since you are doing a local move, you can often make small trips to take fragile and hard to pack items.  That saves you time, packing material and worry.  But if you choose to pack everything, your belongings will be safe with self service movers.  Only you have the key to lock and unlock your containers when they are on your property or in transit to your new home.  And many self service movers have special loading mechanisms to keep the containers level when being picked up and dropped off.  That means your belongings will be less likely to shift.  Once your containers have been delivered to your new home, you get to unload at your leisure like you did when loading. 

When you use self service movers for your local move, you get to set the pace.  You can hire professional movers to load and unload your containers, do it all yourself or save just the heavy lifting (like furniture) for the professionals.  You have a lot of options for how you conduct your local move.  And self service movers let you have the flexibility you need to do it your way.