May 3, 2013

Storage and Moving Makes your DITY Move Easy

If you’ve decided to make a DITY move then you’re probably hoping to make it as easy and hassle free as possible. Most people think they’re going to fill up their house or apartment with piles of big boxes. That the place is going to be congested chaos right up until the day they all have to be loaded onto the truck and you drive off to your new digs. There is an easier way.
That way that combines storage and moving. You want to plan on leasing one of those Portable Storage containers. Storage and moving is a way of slowly packing up your goods, letting you decide what to keep and get rid of. Plus, storage and moving allows you get your boxes out of the house or apartment as you finish packing each one! Your home doesn’t get cluttered. As you pack up the boxes, furniture, appliances or whatever they are stored inside the portable storage units and locked up. Instead of having your space grow more messy and congested, a storage and moving plan means the space gets less crowded as you proceed.
If you want to try this method visit a self service mover, aka discount movers. A regular household moving company doesn’t offer storage and moving. Neither do the big cross country moving companies. Compare the storage containers looking for the most secure and waterproof. You wan t a unit that doesn’t sit on the ground where moisture could seep in. You want a steel container for security.
One of the best things about the storage and moving plan is that the discount mover will come, pick up the container and transport it to your new place. Or, if you can’t move in yet, they’ll store it safely in a warehouse.