January 20, 2014

Surprising Areas to Cut Down Stress in Moving

It should come as no surprise that relocating your home is one of the most stressful events a person can undergo, surpassed only by a loved one's death, or divorce. But it may surprise you to know some of the ways to reduce the stress of moving, ways that go beyond just packing early, keeping a binder, and lifting with your legs. Here are some moving options to consider for your peace of mind.

  • When You Move
    Just like any activity, moving has a peak season, as well as peak times of the month, and even the week. Moving estimates during the summer will be markedly higher than any other time of the year. Similarly, moving estimates at the beginnings and ends of each month will be higher than ones from the middle. And on an even smaller scale, weekday moves will be cheaper than weekend moves.

  • How You Move
    Both full-service moving companies and rental truck companies have their advantages and disadvantages. Full-service means less work, but also less control over your belongings in transit and mug higher moving estimates. Rental trucks can save you money, if you're willing to put up with the extra hassle, stress, and exertion in order to make them work. But storage and moving container services provide a great in-between answer: easier loading (ground-level, in fact), more flexible scheduling, more affordable estimates, and tighter control of your belongings (once you lock the unit, it's not unlocked until you unlock it at your new home).

  • Where You Move
    While you may not have much flexibility when it comes to what city you need to move to, your choice of location within that city could have a huge impact on your emotional well-being. A recent study published inEnvironmental Science and Technology shows that people who live near green areas have overall better mental health scores, with lower levels of depression and anxiety and higher levels of happiness in just the first year of residence. And the higher scores continued throughout the three-year study.
Relocating is a stressful proposition, no doubt about it. By doing what you can to reduce the stresses you cancontrol, you'll have greater emotional reserves left to deal with the stresses you can't control. And that could make all the difference.