March 17, 2011

Taking on a Military DITY Move

The government will pay to move you when you have to move with the military.  That means that they find and hire a professional moving company to pack and move you.  Alternatively, you can choose to take on the responsibility of doing the move yourself.  When you take on a military DITY move, the government will reimburse you for 90 percent or more of what it would have cost them to hire a moving company to move you.  You can either hire a company of your own choosing to do the move for you or do the labor yourself via portable storage units or rental truck.  Since it costs most people much less to do a move themselves, that means that you could potentially make money when you do a military DITY move.  For that reason, it is an attractive alternative for many military families.  But before you jump into such a big responsibility, make sure you are ready for it.

Meet with your transportation office on base before you make any decisions about a military DITY move.  You want to make sure you are authorized to do a move yourself.  If you do a DITY move but did not have permission ahead of time, you will not be reimbursed.  Know what you need to do to make an authorized move and make a checklist, so you do not miss deadlines or forget to submit necessary forms and paperwork.  Once you know you can make an authorized military DITY move, talk with your family about it.  Make sure everyone understands the work ahead and the potential pay-off.  Regardless of your dedication to doing a move yourself, also make sure you have enough time to do it.  A rushed military DITY move is stressful and often costly. 

Once you know the work ahead of you, weigh it against the potential profit.  If you are organized and plan ahead, the hard work you put into your military DITY move will reward your wallet and you can focus on the transition to your new home and assignment.