January 28, 2014

The Clear Advantages of Moving Containers

There's a revolution happening in the world or relocation. People who are fed up with the lack of practical and affordable moving options are gravitating towards mobile moving units and portable storage containers, and leaving the full-service movers and moving van rentals behind.

Moving by container is more affordable. Full-service companies charge exorbitant prices for their services. And even if you pack your own boxes and load them into the truck yourself, you still may be dealing with hidden mileage fees, fuel costs, and space restrictions. Moving containers provide all-inclusive quotes, and have a much better track record when it comes to sticking to their estimates.

Moving by container is more practical. Your moving unit is also your storage unit, and you can have it delivered to your new home or a storage facility. If you need to add or remove things from the container, a quick call to the company can schedule a delivery, saving you those bothersome trips to storage.

Moving by container is easier. Both rental trucks and full-service trucks are usually elevated about four or five feet off the ground -- sometimes more. Moving containers are nearly at ground level, so you can easily enter and exit with your arms full, without worrying about a nasty tumble off a rickety metal ramp.

Moving by container is more secure. When a full-service company drives off with your belongings, they may actually need to unload and reload your boxes a few times before they get to your destination, whether through a truck transfer or to make room for other people's boxes that may be using the same vehicle. When you lock your moving container and ship it off, you know that it won't be unlocked until it reaches your new home, and you're the one to unlock it.

And moving by container is more flexible. Not only do you have the easy option for storage, but the container itself can provide a temporary shelter for a garage sale. Or an extra workspace for a sawdusty project. Or even extra on-site storage if you're renovating a room.

Moving containers are fast becoming America's go-to solution for moving and storage, whether across town or across the country. The next time you move, give them a try. You'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.