October 21, 2010

The Joy of In-Laws

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Family Matters: Can't we just get along?

Sometimes families move closer to the parents or in-laws because it's a choice. Other times, as in the current economy, situations require a live-in babysitter or caretaker for an aging parent to save money. However, once you remove the miles between you and the folks new stresses can come along for the stay.

With Mother-in-Law's Day fast approaching, now is a good time to review a few tips from the pros over at Psychology Today to help you get along with the family (whether you are moving closer to them or are already in the same area).

  • See them more and like them more: When you move closer to family, familiarity actually builds affection. It's called the exposure effect and means that the more you are exposed to them, the easier it is on the relationship. Don't avoid the family, make a point to visit with them.

  • Act how you want to feel: Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, points out that you have to put yourself in a calm frame of mind and that your feelings will follow your actions. Even if you don't want to be around your mother-in-law, act as if you do and you'll feel better about it.

  • Put the bickering on hold: It was one thing to bicker on the phone and then hang up, knowing that you were hundreds or thousands of miles away. But when you move closer, that pointless bickering could get in the way of a stress-free household. Are you really going to change the voting or eating habits of your 70 year-old mom or father-in-law? Probably not, so avoid the discussion.

  • Remember the grandparent privilege: Allow the parents and in-laws to be a little indulgent with the kids. Kids know not to expect the junk food at home and it's a treat at Nana's.
The way you communicated long-distance probably won't fly when you are in the same town, the same city or even the same house. Think about how you'll handle new family situations before you start the move. Good luck!

Get closer to family.

PackRat Tips...
Three Key Long-Distance Moving Tips

Planning for a big move in early 2011? It's never too soon to put together a list and start checking it twice! 

What to keep: Do you really need to move everything? Take some time during the next few months to prioritize your things. Top priorities move with you, but consider selling, storing or giving away low priority items. 

Start collecting important papers: Some people know exactly where those registrations, titles, and insurance papers are stored. If you don't, start collecting them and put them in a secure location so when it's time for your move, you'll have them ready. This may include any receipts, as well, pertaining to your move.

Save now for costs later: Moving to a new location requires car tags, registration, utilities, and other costs. Those items can get expensive. Start planning now and put away some money for it every week. When the time comes for deposits and registrations, you'll be ready!

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  October 21, 2010

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