September 5, 2012

The Many Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

Lots of people who are planning a do it yourself move know about the benefits of portable storage containers. They are one of the great items that make a DITY move affordable and manageable. Portable storage containers are large, walk in style boxes that are made for the temporary storage of a person’s personal property.  This might include clothes, furniture, books, hard to move items like aquariums, etc.

Portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Many are constructed from plywood while the better, newer ones are built with steel and rugged, sealable plastics.  The best portable storage containers are raised slightly off the ground to prevent moisture creeping in while keeping the step up at a minimum.  High quality portable storage containers have a steel infrastructure that has cut outs and holes to fit bungees, straps and hooks onto to help secure your property.

Portable storage containers are also secure.  They come with strong locks that only you can open during your lease.  Feeling confident that your property is safe is an essential aspect of this product.  Similarly, portable storage containers must be weatherproof.  Often the units are stored in driveways or parking lots and subject to wind and rain, even snow. The portable storage containers must be impervious to harsh weather to protect your goods.

Besides making a DITY move portable storage containers are also a great option if you need temporary storage during remodeling.  Being able to store your valuable furniture in a secure container, right on your property, during construction makes the stress of remodeling a lot less.

If you are in the military and receive a temporary assignment portable storage containers might be an excellent, money saving option.  The serviceperson may be able to cancel their lease or sublet their housing while safely storing their personal property off site.  The best portable storage container providers offer long term indoor storage in secure warehouses.