May 7, 2014

Three Advantages of Renters Insurance

man considering renters insurance

Should you get renters insurance? If you are renting a home or apartment, you may be trying to decide if you actually need to get a renters insurance quote or if it would just be an unnecessary bill. Today we will talk about some of the advantages of having renters insurance. We would love to hear your thoughts about it! Stop by our Facebook page and share your experience with renters insurance.

3 Advantages of Renters Insurance

  1. Protect your personal property: If something like a fire, theft or other disaster were to occur, your personal property (electronics, furniture, clothing) would be protected under your renters insurance. If a major disaster actually destroys your home or leaves it uninhabitable, your renters insurance should allow you temporary living expenses until you can attain permanent housing. Not all policies are created equal, so be sure to speak with an agent to determine how to properly inventory your property and to make sure you are clear on what will be covered in your renters insurance costs.
  2. Protect against lawsuits: Most renters insurance policies protect you from personal lawsuits if someone is accidentally injured in your home or if someone's property is damaged in your home.
  3. Peace of mind: Renters insurance will give you and your family peace of mind because you know that if something were to happen, you will not be on your own.