February 26, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Tackle Any Move

Every move has three phases that need special attention: before you pack, while you pack, and while you load. If these three areas are properly addressed, each subsequent phase is more manageable, and your overall move gets a whole lot easier. Here are some moving tips and tricks for each stage.

  1. Before You Pack:
    • Buy a brand new calendar and black out any days prior to Moving Day that you can't devote to the move. This helps you visualize the exact amount of time you have to work with.
    • Make a "garage sale" box for each room. Don't seal the boxes, as you may need to add things later, and you're not loading them into a truck anyway.
    • Make moving checklists for every room, as well as for cleaning and repairing. Make moving checklists to remind you who needs to know your new address (utilities, credit card companies, phone carrier, etc.)

  2. While You Pack:
    • Label each box according to which room it's going into, not necessarily what room it came out of. More often than not, these will be the same, but noting the differences will save you time when you bring the boxes into your new home.
    • Be sure to write the destination room on the tops and each side of the boxes, so you can see it no matter how the box is sitting.
    • Save money on store-bought packing materials (styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.) by using your clothes as cushioning and wraps. A pair of socks makes a great way to pack a glass (one sock over the outside and one stuffed inside), and your shirts and towels will protect your valuables just as well. Plus you'll cut down on the overall number of boxes you have.

  3. While You Load:
    • Position the heaviest boxes closer to the door of each room. That way, no matter who loads them out, all they have to do is grab from the front and move back, and everything will be stacked safely in the truck.
    • Designate one person to stay in the truck (or portable storage container) and arrange furniture and boxes as they come in. Loading the truck is a perfect example of how having too many cooks can mess up your stacking arrangements.
    • Lift with your legs. It's as true now as it ever was. Furthermore, take more frequent, smaller loads rather than fewer, heavier loads. You'll reduce your chances for injury and have a lot more left in the tank as the day wears on.
Some moving tips and tricks save you time, and some save you money. But all moving tips and tricks are designed to save you stress in one form or another. Feel free to share your favorite tips and tricks in the comments section below. And happy moving!