August 30, 2013

Tips for Picking Home Moving Companies

One of the first things you'll want to do once you know you’re moving is start considering home moving companies. There are different kinds of moving companys for different kinds of moves. Ordinary home moving companies are local movers and there are also interstate moving companies, sometimes called cross country moving companies and discount movers or “self service movers.“ These companies lease portable storage containers.

If you're making a military move you might make a DITY move all by yourself or use a combination of storage and moving.

Whichever type of move you’ll be making, you want one of the best home moving companies to help you. Be aware however that if you are moving to a different state you are limited to home moving companies that are specially licensed to cross state lines. Cross country moving companies must be registered with the Department of Transportation. Be sure to look for and confirm your mover has this registration.

If you are moving locally you can choose any of the local home moving companies. The best way to go about choosing from among home moving companies is to ask family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. People who have recently moved have the freshest opinions and experience with the problems of moving. Even after you get recommendations you still want to do some research. You want to compare prices, moving coupons and get at least three moving company quotes.

Moving rates are usually lower if you can move in the middle of a month and on weekdays. Check out the web sites of several firms. A good moving tip is to NOT be persuaded by advertising but look at real customer testimonials. Also, check sites that list complaints. Every company gets complaints so look for how the issues were settled. Did the customer sound like the resolution was satisfactory?

After you have narrowed your search get three or four home moving companies to provide estimates. Make sure you like how you are treated and that the representative inspires confidence.