February 22, 2014

Tips to Make Your Next Move as Smooth as Silk

In any given year, 17% of the population moves to a new house. In fact, the average American moves 12 times throughout their lives. That's the average: half of the country moves more than 12 times. That fact, combined with all the stress and hassle of moving, make it more important than ever to cobble together all the helpful tips for moving you possibly can. (For the record, choosing to read this article was a brilliant first step.)
  • Truck Packing 101
    Heavy stuff on the bottom, lighter stuff on top. DO NOT toss your treadmill on top of your toothpick sculptures. Furthermore, as you load about six feet of truck floorspace, rope off the sections, to minimize shifting on your cross-country odyssey. Remember: empty space is your enemy. Keep your clothes in your dresser drawers, and your dresser drawers in the dresser (carry them all out separately, though, silly). Upright, well-secured tables can also serve as an extra level of storage, when boxes are stacked under and atop them.

  • An Ounce of Prevention...
    ... is worth a pound of having to do something over again because you didn't make a detailed-enough plan to get everything done in a timely and efficient manner. Or however that saying goes. Basically, make lists foreverything. Make a checklist for packing, a checklist for moving day, and checklist for unpacking. Make a list for each room according to what's going with you and what's pure garage-sale fodder. Make a list of cleaning chores and repair jobs. Make a list of who agreed to help you, a list of who actually showed up, and cross-reference those lists to make a list of people who rightfully deserve your wrath.

  • Gaze Boldly Into the Future
    Time can be your greatest enemy during a move, but a well-laid-out schedule can help you kick time right in the temporal shins. Know your schedules and stick to them. For those brave souls relying on moving van rentals, make sure you know when you'll be at the office to pick up the truck and when you'll be back at the house to start loading. If you're using portable storage containers, let the company know about a week in advance when you'll need the unit at your home, so there are no last minute surprises. And for the love of all that's holy, be sure to order pizza ahead of time -- or at least program the pizza place's number into your cellphone, so you can be sure to satiate your hungry, sweaty crew.
When it comes to moving advice, more is always better, whether you're looking for tips for moving across town or tips for moving across the country. Do your research, don't try to reinvent the wheel, and you'll get through your next move with minimal physical and emotional scarring.