September 26, 2010

Types of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers have become an increasingly popular method for do it yourself moves and temporary storage.  The number of companies offering portable storage containers and the options available continue to increase, as well.  But not all portable storage containers are created equal.  View the descriptions, dimensions, pictures and video demonstrations offered on the company web sites.  Stop and take a look, if you see some containers being used in your neighborhood.  And visit the storage facility to see the portable storage containers in person, if you would like.  Take the time to look at the differences between the various companies and choose what best suits your needs and comfort levels.  

1.  Structure:  Portable storage containers are made of various materials.  There are wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl covered wood and different combinations of all of them.  Metal is generally the strongest option and less attractive to thieves.  Also note if the structure of the portable storage containers put your belongings directly on the ground and in danger of moisture damage or offer built in skids or pallets to provide protection from moisture.  

2.  Door:  The doors vary from rolling open like garage doors to opening like regular hinged doors.  Choose portable storage units with doors that make for easy loading and unloading.  And the material of the door and how they lock are extremely important.  Again, a metal door is more secure than a wood or plastic one.  Make sure the locking mechanism looks strong and secure. 

3.  Size:  portable storage containers come in a range of sizes to accommodate different size homes or storage needs.  Some companies offer more sizes than others.

4.  Accessories:  Some portable storage containers come with tie downs, garment racks and other accessories to make for easy packing and minimizing shift during transport.  These accessories come in very handy. 

5.  Loading and Unloading Method:  Pay attention to how the company plans to load and unload your portable storage containers for transport.  To minimize shifting and potential damage to your belongings, you want a method that keeps your portable storage containers as upright as possible.

6.  Customer Service:  Customer service can make or break your moving experience.  Take the time to read reviews, ask friends for recommendations and call the company before you hire them.  If the representatives are unresponsive, unhelpful or lack knowledge about the portable storage containers and services, do not hire that company.