August 3, 2012

Understanding the Military's DITY Move Calculator

Military moving couple

If you are approaching your first military move you will want to gain a solid understanding of the military DITY move calculator. The DITY move calculator is a tool for estimating both the costs of a military DITY move (also known as the Personally Procured Move, or PPM) and the anticipated reimbursement for that move.  You can think of the DITY move calculator as an app or a piece of easy to use software.

In every case, as you approach a DITY/ Personally Procured move you should begin by meeting with a counselor from your base’s personal property office.  Don’t act without approval since this might result in a failure to be reimbursed for the move.

At this meeting you’ll learn what your moving limits are.  These are based on your rank and years of service, among other factors.  You’ll learn what your maximum allowable moving weight is. You will also be shown the Government Constructed Cost (GCC), which is the amount it would cost the government to move your personal property in a full-service government procured move. This gives you an idea what you might save making a DITY move.

The DITY moving calculator comes into play as a tool to estimate the weight of your personal property and the expense to move it.  The DITY move calculator tabulates all the criteria involved, including time, distance, rank, family members and other factors. The results give a solid, accurate estimate of the cost of your individual move. This will inform you of how much to allocate for a DITY move including out-of-pocket expenses and what additional moving services you may be able to purchase.  Based on the results from the DITY move calculator, you’ll be able to decide if a full-service government procured move is better or if you can manage a DITY move to come out ahead.

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