October 26, 2010

Using PACK RAT Storage for Your Remodeling Storage Needs

Remodeling can be extremely disruptive to your family. If you are living in your house while work is being done, you have to move all your belongings out of the affected areas of the house.  Then you either cram them in much needed living spaces for your family or move them to storage.  If you are temporarily moving out of your home until the remodeling is finished, you still have to find a safe place for the belongings from the areas under construction.  When most people think of temporary storage, they envision renting a truck and loading and unloading things multiple times.  Utilizing solutions like PACK RAT storage containers can save you a lot of work at a time when you already have enough on your to do list.

Your PACK RAT storage container will be delivered to you.  You can keep your secure and weather proof container on your property.  This is particularly helpful for those who will need to access those belongings frequently, or may be moving various things from different areas of the house in and out as the remodeling progresses.  You can also choose to have your container taken to a PACK RAT storage facility for the duration of your remodeling.  Many people cannot keep a container on their property, because of construction equipment or other project needs.  If you still need to access those items from time to time, no worries.  You will be able to access your container, while it is in a PACK RAT storage facility.  And thanks to a special lifting mechanism that keeps your PACK RAT storage container level when it is lifted and transported, shifting of your contents will be minimal.  Your storage container will be stored just as you packed it and delivered to you when you are ready to receive it.  PACK RAT storage solutions are a welcome convenient solution when remodeling has posed enough inconvenience on you and your family.