September 6, 2010

Using Portable Storage Units for Military Storage and Moving

When you are in the military, you become very good at moving.  Most families make a permanent change of station (PCS) every 2 to 3 years, depending upon their branch of service and specialty.  And storage and moving seem to go hand in hand when you are moving with the military.  If you take an overseas assignment, you often store furniture and other belongings that either might not survive a long trip or will not fit into the quarters where you will be living.  Taking a remote assignment is another common reason to combine storage and moving.  Your maximum allowable weight limit for household goods may require that you store a great deal of belongings stateside.  Deployments also create a need to combine storage and moving for many families and individuals.  Regardless of the reason, portable storage units offer military members and their families a convenient and stress free solution for storage and moving.

You can utilize portable storage units for both your storage and moving needs, if you are doing a DITY move.  Or, if the government is handling your move or you are using a full service moving company for your actual move, you can utilize portable storage units for only the belongings you wish to put in storage.  The units are delivered to your curb, driveway or parking lot.  You can take your time loading your belongings into the units.  They are weather proof, secure and easy to load and pack.  Once you have loaded everything, the storage and moving company who provided the units will pick them up and transport them for you.  You do not have to unpack anything that is going into storage.  Your portable storage units will be placed in the storage facility just as you packed them.  When you no longer need to utilize storage, the storage and moving company will deliver your units to your desired location.  The convenience offered by portable storage units give military families and individuals a stress free solution at a time when there is enough stress in their lives.