October 5, 2010

Using Self Service Movers for Temporary Storage

Most everyone has had to temporarily store some or all of their belongings for various reasons.  You may have to store the contents of your entire house when you move from one home, but have to wait to move into another.  You may need to store some of your big furniture and appliances while you take a job in another country or take a temporary assignment in a different city.  Another common reason to utilize storage is when you remodel your home.  Regardless of the reason, self service movers offer you a convenient and flexible option for your temporary storage needs. 

The traditional view of temporary storage involves renting a moving truck or making multiple trips with a car to a storage facility.  It also requires that you load and unload things twice, since you have to rent a truck or make multiple car trips again when you are ready to move those belongings out of storage.  Self service movers, however, take the complication and work out of temporary storage.  Your self service movers deliver a portable container directly to your home.  (Some self service movers will drop off a truck, a portion of which is yours.  But the most common method is portable storage containers.)  You get to take your time loading the belongings you wish to store.  Your containers are secure and weather proof.  When you have loaded everything, you have two choices.  You can keep your containers on your property (many people who are remodeling do this), so you can access the things inside them when you need them.  Or you can have the self service movers pick up your containers and transport them to a security monitored and climate controlled storage facility.  Your containers will be stored exactly as you packed them.  You do not have to unload a thing.  When you no longer need temporary storage, the self service movers will deliver your containers to you.  Again, you get to unload your belongings at your leisure and schedule a pick up time when you are ready.  Using self service movers allows you to conveniently take care of your temporary storage needs so you can focus your attention on the other details of your move or remodeling project.