April 20, 2010

Ways to Save Money When You Use a Cross Country Moving Company

Moving is not only a stressful event, it can be quite costly.  Many people assume that the only way to save on moving costs is to do it all yourself.  And sometimes when you make a big move across the country, doing it yourself just is not practical for you and your family.  The good news is that you can save money, even when you choose to hire a professional cross country moving company.  By planning ahead and making smart decisions, you can make moving with a cross country moving company more economical.

The best way to save money when you hire a cross country moving company is to comparison shop for the best deal.  You should always get estimates in writing from at least 3 moving companies.  Make sure you meet each cross country moving company for an in home estimate.  Do not hire any company that will not meet you in person.  Compare the estimates side by side, and it is okay to tell one company about a cheaper estimate you received from another company.  See if they have any wiggle room on the estimate.  It is important to hire a reputable and licensed cross country moving company, regardless of how cheap the estimate is.  Hiring a shady moving company will only end up costing you more in the long run.  Being flexible on your moving date can also save you some money.  If you can move at non peak times for the moving company, you can usually get a better deal.  Once you have signed a contract with a cross country moving company, getting organized and doing some legwork will save you more money.  Plan to do most (if not all) of the packing yourself.  You will have to pay for each hour the moving team spends packing.  Another great way to save is to obtain boxes and moving materials yourself.  Many people give away their boxes and packing materials for free or sell them.  Peruse the classifieds, community bulletin boards, Craigslist and watch out for boxes sitting on the curb.  You can also find free boxes at local retailers and grocers.  Using old newspapers and magazines for packing material can save you money on tissue paper.  And instead of packing blankets, sheets, towels, pillows and other linens in boxes by themselves, use them all as packing material.  Another tip for saving money when using a professional cross country moving company is to get rid of the household items you no longer need.  Do not pay to move extra things.  Take the time to sort through everything and have a yard sale or donate it all.  Being organized on moving day is the last money saving tip.  Have all boxes labeled with their contents and room they should go in.  This will save the cross country moving company team a lot of time, which translates to less hourly labor costs.  Being organized and planning ahead will not only save you money, but will make for a much smoother move with your cross country moving company.