September 30, 2010

What is a Hoarder?

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From the PackRat...
What's a hoarder?

The 1-800-PACK-RAT team is working with the A & E series, Hoarders, which recently started its third season, to provide on set portable storage solutions and to those affected.

While all of us get behind in house cleaning from time to time or don't de-clutter like we should, hoarding is something else entirely. Here are few questions from that might help you decide if someone you know should seek assistance:

Exits: Are any household exits blocked by storage?
Kitchen: Are the kitchen area sink, stove, and refrigerator not working or inaccessible due to clutter or disrepair?
Bed & Bath: Are you unable to sleep in your bed because there is little space left for you on it? Is your tub filled with stuff?
Pets: Are you accumulating a large number of pets? Are pet "accidents" causing unsanitary problems? 
Infestations:  Are you unable to deal with ants, rats, mice, and roaches? 
Access: Are there narrow paths leading through your house lined with storage or clutter? Are your interior doors blocked or have limited opening/closing ability?

Taking steps now can help someone you know live a happier and healthier life. 

PackRat Tips...
Two Innovative Ideas to Help You Let Go

Are items of sentimental value or prized possessions cluttering up your home, keeping you from having the clean, liveable space you desire? Sometimes it's difficult to let go of prized possessions, but we have a couple of innovative ways to say goodbye to the clutter.
Make a DVD : suggests creating a DVD of the prized possessions that have sentimental value but need to be stored or sold. Create the DVD, complete with your story or narrative, and have those memories available forever. Often, it's more about the memory and less about the actual, tangible item anyway.

Use a phased approach : Every little step helps in the de-cluttering process. Using colored sticky dots can help you determine what items are used and which can be stored or thrown away. Maybe white dots go on items used daily. Yellow on those you think you touch weekly, red monthly and so on. Then make a plan to store a percentage of the red dots every week until your goal is met.

Want to learn more about 1-800-PACK-RAT's storage solutions? Contact us today.

  October 1, 2010

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Our own Josh Greene was quoted in Medical Office Today on how PACK-RAT units can be used for extra space for medical offices. 

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