April 6, 2012

What is the Easiest Way to Combine Storage and Moving

It is very common for people to combine storage and moving.  Their new homes may not be ready before they have to move out of their old homes.  They may be taking a temporary job somewhere.  They may be taking an extended vacation before they move to their new homes.  Or they may simply need some time to downsize as they move into their new homes.  Regardless of the reason, combining storage and moving doesn't have to be complicated or inconvenient.  Most people picture having to rent a truck or make multiple trips with their cars to load everything into a self storage unit somewhere.  But self service movers have made the process so much simpler and less stressful.

Your self service mover will deliver as many portable storage containers to you as you need.  If you need to put one container in storage and move the other, you can.  If you need to put everything in storage, you can do that easily too.  Your self service movers will pick up your containers and take them to a storage facility.  You don't have to unload anything.  Your containers will remain packed just as you packed them.  Only you have the key to unlock your containers, no matter where you are in your storage and moving process.  When you no longer need storage, your containers will be delivered to where you need them.  When you have emptied them, they will be picked up and taken away.  No driving required.

Self service movers have made combining storage and moving stress free, flexible and easy.  You don't have to load and unload multiple times, rent equipment multiple times or hurry to accomplish everything in a short amount of time.  Storage and moving has never been so simple.