June 15, 2012

What to Consider when choosing Discount Movers

Many young people, especially students and apartment dwellers, make the decision to use discount movers when it comes time to relocate.  This becomes an easier decision when the moving budget is tight.  But how does one go about finding a reputable company?  What steps can you take to feel certain that your move will be easy, efficient and safe?

There are a few things that you want to consider when choosing local discount movers. Do these and you’ll feel confident that you have found a good company to work with.

Referrals:  Ask family and friends who they recommend.  Your neighbors are an excellent source of referrals too, don’t be afraid to ask. Ask your coworkers or inquire at Students Services at your school.
Advertising:  While ads aren’t proof of competency they tend to support the notion that a company is solid and reputable.  Look for ads in local newspapers.  Call the newspapers advertising section and inquire how long a company has been running ads.  If it’s a long time then the company is stable, successful and profitable.

Websites:  While every company has a website you can learn a lot by looking carefully.  The company should list the years it has been in business, professional organizations like the BBB that it belongs to, offer testimonials from customers and indicate how they are paid.  A through, businesslike website, one that provides answers to most of your questions, offers an assurance that these discount movers are stable and reliable.

Reputation: For local discount movers reputation is everything.  It’s fairly easy to track down, especially in small and mid-sized cities.  But don’t just take the discount mover's word for it, ask for recent references.  Find out how many years they’ve been in business and if they are members of any industry associations.
Always: Follow up on references; make sure your discount movers are insured; Avoid any company that only takes cash; Tell every company that you are getting several quotes.  If you feel uncomfortable with one, for any reason, trust your instincts.  Drop that company from your quotes list and add another.

As long as you allot yourself sufficient time, finding discount movers with a strong history and good reputation can be easy.  Don’t wait until the last minute!