October 12, 2011

What to Do Before You Start Your Best Interstate Moving Company Search

Finding the best interstate moving company to help with your move is important.  It should not just be about finding the cheapest estimate, but about finding a company that will offer you reputable and reliable service that fits your philosophy of how you would like your belongings to be cared for during your move.  And being prepared before you even start calling for estimates will help both you and the contenders on your best interstate moving company list understand what is expected and included.

1.  Do some budgeting.
Knowing what you can spend before you dive into your search for your best interstate moving company is the foundation for your planning.  Once you know what you can afford or want to spend, you know what services you should look for.
2.  Pare down.
You should only move the things you still want and need.  Moving extra things costs more and wastes time and resources.  Taking the time to get rid of unused and unwanted items before getting estimates from moving companies means those estimates will be more accurate.
3.  Decide what you can and cannot do.
Before you get estimates from your best interstate moving company contenders, have a good idea of what you expect them to do.  Do you need them to pack for you?  Do you have a lot of artwork and fragile items that require extra care?  Will you disassemble furniture and electronics or have them do it?  The companies will need a good idea of what services they need to provide to give you a sound estimate.
4.  Know your dates.
Have a desired moving date in mind, so you know if the moving company is available and what rates can be offered for that time frame.  If you are flexible on dates, you can often get a better deal at non peak moving times or when your best interstate moving company is not very booked.