January 3, 2012

Winter Check List for Moving Day

The most popular time to move is in the summer.  And for good reason.  The kids are out of school, the temperatures are more reliable, the road conditions are usually clear and travel arrangements are easier.  But sometimes you have to move in winter.  Moving companies and rental agencies are used to moving all year round.  And with a little planning and a good check list for moving, you too can be prepared to take on your winter moving day without fear. 

Winter Check List for Moving Day:

1. Make arrangements to have driveway and walkways plowed.  If you are hiring a company to do it for you, add calling them a day in advance to confirm to your check list for moving.

2.  Purchase non-slip rubber mats for porches and entryways. 

3.  Have snow shovels, salt, sand or another de-icing tool to keep walkways clear.

4.  Put down floor covering, to protect floors from slush, dirt, salt, etc.

5.  Put together box of warm clothing, blankets and outdoor gear to keep your family warm on moving day.  Your house will be cold. 

6.  Have warm beverages to keep your family warm.  If you want to be nice, add providing warm beverages for you moving team to your check list for moving.

7.  Schedule cleaning.  It's inevitable.  Your floors will be messy after all the snow, ice, salt and sand is tracked in.  If you don't plan to do it yourself, schedule cleaning well in advance and add confirming a day prior to your moving date to your check list for moving.

8.  Watch the weather reports.  Know what type of weather you are heading into, so you can plan accordingly.  Communicate with your moving team so you both know what to expect if you need to delay travel due to weather.