January 10, 2014

Your Moving Quote Reading Between the Lines

Getting accurate moving truck quotes can be a tricky affair. You need detailed information on where you're going, how much you have to move, and the timeframe in which you have to move it. Here's an even further breakdown of what you'll need.
  • How Far Are You Going?
    The names of the cities involved (moving from and moving to) will get you very general quotes, as will some ZIP codes. Always be sure to supply specific addresses for the most accurate moving truck quotes. Similarly, get a heads-up on how easy it is to park a truck at both location -- knowing how far you have to carry boxes and large pieces of furniture can impact your timetable.

  • How Much Do You Have to Move?
    Perhaps the biggest discrepancies between original moving truck quotes and actual final costs occur because of an inaccurate appraisal of the amount of stuff to be moved. Getting your moving quotes online can result in even greater inaccuracy, as most online quotes only ask for number of rooms. The best way to get a more reliable quote is to have someone from the moving company come to your home and look at your rooms.

  • When Do You Have to Move It All?
    Moving truck quotes are going to be higher during peak moving times (around the end/beginning of each month, as well as the entire summer). Unfortunately, with the average lease agreement starting and stopping on a monthly cycle, it can be very difficult to schedule a move for any time other than peak moving times. Just make sure, when you receive your quote for your moving van rentals, that you get the peak-time quote, rather than an average of rates across the month.
And even if you do get all the info you need, circumstances beyond your control can conspire to change the price. Equipment could require unscheduled repair, weather could become a factor, or the rental you were supposed to get might not have been returned yet. Just be as prepared as possible, whether you're using a full-service company, a portable moving container, or doing a complete self-move with a rental truck. Planning ahead will help keep your last-minute surprises to a minimum.